Introducing the Kohdok Website!!


While this may be more of a work in progress, I am proud to introduce the new Kohdok website! Here, I can post some more text reviews, toss in pictures, and even host my new #BARGAINBIN Hashtag!


How #BARGAINBIN works is simple. If you can find a great deal on toys or other things that might interest me, simply take a picture or screenshot that includes the item, the sale price, and the END DATE(When the sale ends) and tweet it to #BARGAINBIN and @kohdok (@kohdok1 on Instagram). Be sure to include where the Bargain came from.I’ll retweet any that work for me.

You can also submit a nice find through the “Find a Bargain?” tab in the menu above.

I will be adding more content and my archived videos (Of which there are 300) as we go along. As always, you can find me at: for all the latest videos and updates!


Author: kohdok

Kohdok has been reviewing toys since 2009. His style is both comprehensive and funny and always delivers honest, articulate reviews of toys and children's entertainment past and present.

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