Week of Enlighten-Ment Cheapest Links!

This will be an ongoing link of all of the cheapest places on Aliexpress where I have found the sets covered in The Week of Enlighten-Ment. These are shipped from China, so they will take upwards of two weeks to arrive if you live far from there. Enlighten, themselves, are trepidatious about trying to enter the North American Markets due to fear of overzealous copyright complaints, but you should have no problem ordering from Aliexpress unless your country has a trade embargo with China, or something. Toys have a very easy time sliding through customs and you usually have no surprise charges.


Combat Zones Special Mission Zero. $9.98 USD

Also called “Special Assignment” on Aliexpress. Link here is $10. It will likely drop in price as time goes on.


Police Battle Force: The Strike $7.40 USD

Police Battle Force has appreciated a dip in price, as this set is normally much more. It averages about $8 if this link doesn’t work.


Police Battle Force: The Assault $12.99 USD ($16.97 USD with Box)

You will often see entries on Aliexpress that can have two different prices, and that’s usually due to the addition of a box, which is difficult to ship even by EMS (You saw how ragged the box I got them in looked; China is a long ways)


Police Battle Force Specter Operation: $28.99 USD, $33.99 USD with Box

This Helicopter used to average around $60, it is an absolute STEAL at $30.


Police Battle Force “Hunted”: $7.35 USD

5789ee735a251_837_auto.jpgThe Battle: $14.85 USD ($19.55 with box)


Moving Headquarter: $42.84 USD


Space Adventure Phoenix Spaceship: $11 USD


Space Adventure Robocop’s Renegade: $10.76 USD

And that’s all for now. I will be adding more sets to this post as I review them. Watch this space. Also, if you find a lower price on any of these sets or if a link stops working, Comment on here.